LaLaLand is Awesome…


Don’t you just love when you wake up and remember every detail about a good dream? I had the best dream ever…

I dreamt my man and I were living in a teapot house. A teapot house! Very Alice in Wonderland-ish. In every brightly coloured room there were the most beautiful teacups and a fresh pot of hot tea brewing. Every room had a different theme, and the tea sets matched. There were fluffy pillows and scatter cushions everywhere, with beautiful art hanging crookedly on the walls. The carpet was comfy like a duvet and the sofas therefore totally unused. There were splashes of colour everywhere, the most vibrant purples and cool blues. Ravin’ pinks and oranges. And when you look outside the window…

The grass is the greenest green I’ve ever seen and the flowers were huge trees making shade in hues of pink and orange and purple and yellow. Tiny ladybugs and butterflies flying in spirals around long stems of grass. It was peaceful and calm and happy. I could be Alice in my own Wonderland… I think I am.

Much Love 


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