He’s Here!

My man. My gorgeous blue-eyed boy. Last night we went on a date. We had a lovely dinner, filled with laughter and then we went to see Date Night. Loved. It. I love Steve Carell in anything, as we’re addicted to The Office. He was so funny. And Tina Fey, wow, they played of so well together. It was genuinely a no brainer perfect date movie. Then we went to the casino. Luckily for us, they didn’t have a smoking section with a Roulette Table in, else I would be super tired today. We LOVE Roulette. We Rock Roulette.

Anyway, so we came home, and it was absolutely wonderful to sleep next to his warm body. He is still sleeping in my bed, and I am at work. Not the perfect situation, but it’s only for a couple of hours. He’s coming in a bit later so that we can book our seats on our flight. I’m gunning for the window seat, and I’m pretty sure he’ll let me have it. I also need to start making a list of everything I want to see and do. It’s going to be awesome. Now, if that volcano can just stop for a couple of months, that would be super. I’ll see what I can do 😉

Another exciting highlight of my day will be the shoot I’m doing. I’m so stoked, because it’s my first pregnant mommy shoot. I’ve always, always wanted to do a beautiful black and white pregnancy shoot. I’m hoping it wont take too much time

Much Love 


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