Monday Monday

I had a good weekend. i ate too much, though. I look like I’m 6months pregnant from all that weekend eating. But it’s okay, today, I’m starting with my diet/healthy eating. I baked some delicious bran muffins yesterday, and I added some crushed cashews and cinnamon. Mmmmm. Lunch: Sorted. Now for dinner, we’re making cottage pie. But I decided that I will no longer be eating out of a dinner plate. I will use a salad plate and only eat what’s on that. It should be enough to fill me up, without me pigging out…And I had breakfast! Yay me! Let’s hold thumbs that I will have the strength to keep it up.

Now I need to focus on making money. Serious cash. Now. I need to get a flash, and today is the day (I hope) that I make a plan and get it.

Much Love 


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