Lost Innocence

What the hell happened to us? The moral decay of our youth depresses and sickens me in ways hard to describe. I know I am the last one to preach. I know I haven’t set the best example. But seriously. What happened? When did parents stop seeing to it that their children were getting an education and making the most of it? How is it okay for us to allow children to rum rampage and let it slide? Is it possible that we are so numbed down, dumbed down that we can’t even see? There is a girl in my neighbouring town, who is supposed to be in labour today. She is the same age as my baby sister. She is 17, not yet 18. She got pregnant not by immaculate conception, oh no. She got impregnated by a man-child at least 7 years her senior. It’s shameful and disgusting. What’s worse is that this man is known to be a jackass skirt-chaser with no moral compass, and yet she still put herself in that position. I don’t know what’s worse… A 16 year old high-school student, coming from a good home, middle class with a proper education (thus far) making that decision, or the parents who undoubtedly knew about her partying habits and just let it slide. Or might it be that the man (?) who did this knew her age, and just did it anyway? Shocking.

It’s not news to me that teenage pregnancies are on the rise. I’m not surprised. The media bombards us with sexual imagery and our kids are growing up (pretending to at least) way too fast.  The stuff I did in high school was pushing it, but it’s child’s play compared to what teens are doing. Apart from the unprotected sex in a time when STD’s and HIV/Aids is rife, there’s drugs. It’s not the innocent experimentation of weed or cigarettes or alcohol. It’s straight-up, hardcore drugs. Kids in my town are hooked on Coke, Meth, Crack, you name it, they do it.

And to top it all, the girls are wearing clothes that make them look like tramps. Short skirts, high heels, low cut tops. In this day and age, when there is at least one rape every 30 minutes, do we really want our daughters, sisters, nieces and cousins to be advertising themselves? I’m not saying that a rape is ever, EVER justified, I’m just asking why make matters worse? In a university town close by, the rape statistics are sky-high. You know what? Many of those girls get raped late at night, drunk, wearing next to nothing, walking home. It’s like we’re getting more and more comfortable with the dangers around us. It’s not cool anymore to accept an open drink from anybody. Not even that guy friend who’s always had a crush on you. I’ve worked behind a bar, and I’ve seen how easy one can be taken advantage of. You turn around for just a second, and by the time you turn back, your drink has been spiked. Who knows where you will end up?

Don’t you think it’s time we woke up? Don’t you think we should really stop being so naive? We don’t live in a sheltered protected society anymore. We should stop acting like we do.

Much Love ♥


One thought on “Lost Innocence

  1. Now that is something worth blogging about, but it is also something worth fighting for, worth doing something about, worth getting off the blog-butt and into the fire to help grab your sister, your niece, your daughter out of it. Speak up, shout it. And if you have to get someone’s back up about it, it is worth it! Then, at least you know, they are listening.

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