Social Networking

The age of isolation is long gone. There is no way a person can be cut off from the world if there is a computer and an internet connection close by. How odd, that we have friends all over  the world, and at the touch of a button, we can be in touch. How odd, that you can meet people with similar tastes and likes, but they are on the other side of the world. As the Facebook phenomenon exploded all over the world, it almost completely dwarfed MySpace. Before Facebook, I knew a handful of people on MySpace. Then came Facebook, and suddenly I was in touch with friends from years ago. This is cool, because when you move a lot, you lose touch. But MySpace is now dwarfed by Facebook, and most of MySpace users are muso’s. And so followed the masses of networking sites.

You have Twitter (which to this day, I don’t get the appeal) and dating sites, and even sites like Flickr has started to become a social networking site, where you not only share your photo’s, but your life. I have not yet decided whether this is a good or bad thing. I am on Facebook, I just joined another site (dailybooth), I am on Flickr and I blog. So I really can’t say that it is a bad thing (for me at least). I keep in touch with friends, see what people are up to, share my thoughts, share my work, I share my life. I like it. Some people don’t. But to each his own.

I do find it despicable that people use these sites to lure children into bad situations. I find it disgusting that it might lead to obsessive behaviour, obsessive following or just downright stalking. It’s scary. I hate it that many sites don’t really check for hate speech and bigotry. Many groups are cruel and hateful. I hate that.

But really, if a person is lonely, there are so many places to go, where you can find similar-minded people to share your pain. I don’t think that social networking is bad. I do think it should not be abused.  

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One thought on “Social Networking

  1. Dis wonderlik eintlik hoe ons deel geweord het van ‘n netwerk-gemeenskap. Niemand is ver van enigiemand anders, as die hekke oop is en jy ‘n padkaart het. Solank ons onthou dat persoonlike, letterlik fisiese kontak nooit vervang kan word met woorde, beelde en simbole in die kuberwolke nie. ‘n ‘poke’ is nie ‘n drukkie wat warmte, mensreuk en spierverligting insluit nie. Ek is steeds gek oor die fyn lyne wat in 3d voor my is as ons saam kan wees. Kosbaar. Koester dit. Leke reis, my langpad-rondrits-kind

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