Beware of the big bad wolf…

Sometimes it pays to be cynical. I know people say that positive energy attracts positive energy and vice versa, but sometimes you just need to say “I think you’re full of it”.

One would think in these times when it’s not safe anymore to walk home at night, or leave your car unlocked, or letting your children play outside, that we would be super aware. Yet, we aren’t. And we have all heard about these Nigerian scams and what not, yet we think the internet is safe. Well guess what: It’s not. People (not necessarily the good people) can find out an alarming amount of information about you by using just google. Furthermore, that search can even be refined and they can get straight to you on your email or your phone by searching the sites we trust.

I’m not even talking about Facebook. If you don’t know by now not to put your personal contact details on your profile AND to block your profile for outsiders, you’ll never know. Don’t be stupid. Hackers can get into almost anything, what makes you think they can’t get to you? What I really am talking about is the sites you trust you put your details on. It could be employment agencies, au pair sites, online shopping sites and even the sites where you advertise your professional services. They lure you with a job offer you think you just can’t refuse. It seems legit, because the company they refer to is huge and well-known.

Look closer. This person is not affiliated with that company. If they were, why is this guy sending you an email from a hotmail/gmail/yahoo email account? Don’t you think this guy would have an email address that’s linked to the company? So there’s your first red flag. Secondly, do you see any specific details? No? No kidding. There are no details to give. It’s always at a place to be later determined, on a date and time yet to be made. Second red flag then. Then the offer…$1000 for a day’s work? All you hear is cha-ching. But really, $1000 for one day of work? Do you think anybody would pay you that much if you were just a normal person who didn’t invent the internet? No.  And then the pièce de résistance. Look at this person’s name. It sounds English. Maybe Scottish or whatever. His name fools you into thinking he is trustworthy. Like he is educated. But then read the email again. Do you see any spelling mistakes? Grammatical errors? If you read it out loud, does it sound like someone whose first language is English? No? Because it’s not. This guy is scamming you. For what end result, I don’t know. Unfortunately, I’m too cynical to fall for that. I’d love to know what happens. But not really. It might be an organ harvesting ring. Or human trafficking ring. Or drugs, or murder or who knows what.

So, even if you try to be positive, and believe the best in people, don’t be naive. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. Be smart. Be safe. Beware.

Much Love 


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