Red Army

Today South Africans are wearing red in the fight against crime. I could give you all the stats about the murders on farms, the rapes of children, theft, hi-jackings, assaults…the list goes on. But I’m not. The crime here is bad. There’s no denying that. And of course, we’re worried. What, with the Fifa World Cup almost here, the host nation needs to be ready. Our entire police force is gearing up and getting ready for the masses of people coming. All of the participating countries will also be sending some of their police forces to help. Even Interpol is sending their troops of men to assist.

But let’s be realistic. Crime is everywhere. In every country. It might not be as bad as here, but also, it might be worse. It’s just with all these people coming the spotlight is on us. As it should be. The last thing we need is even more bad press. We already have a mockingly ridiculous government. Our public transport is a joke. There’s racism, there’s not denying that, and people in power (ahem, Julius Malema) is using that to feed a growing restlessness.

To lose hope is futile. Nothing is going to happen if we don’t do something about it. So why not stand up. Rise above. Wear red, if only for today. Have hope. Dream big. We are better than all this. We can rise above. I have hope for humanity.

Much Love 


2 thoughts on “Red Army

  1. One last comment on the Red day. We can focus on what is good, on grace, rather than what is bad, brutal.

    What’s on your mind determines your life: Prov 4:24. Think good, do good.

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