There’s gotta be more to life…

…than begging people to like you.

Sometimes, you get stabbed in the back. And it hurts. Sometimes you get betrayed and people don’t even know how they’ve affected you. But you get over it. When friends talk about you behind your back, or lie blatantly to your face, that’s okay. Karma is a bitch, and she will get to you. I recently discovered that you might think that someone is loyal and trustworthy, but it takes one morning on Facebook to realise that they’re plainly just not.

I’ve gotten over the fact that people are cunning, and conniving and plainly two-faced. You take the knife out of your back, you cut your losses and you move on. You make new friends. You learn valuable lessons from each of these people.

But what gets to me is falseness and insincerity on a different level. If someone you know and trust profoundly says they admire your work, and wants you to do a job for them, that’s a great affirmation. Yet, one week later, you see this person has had that job done by someone else, that’s just…well, that’s just rotten. It’s downright disgusting. I feel if a friend lies about your work as a professional, it’s just despicable. I understand the concept of not wanting to hurt another’s feelings, but hey, why do you bring it up in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter about a friend trying to spare my feelings. I’m offended that I was lied to on a professional level, and that this person lied about the integrity of my work.

I’m not one of those girls who wants everybody to like me. If you don’t, fine, you know where the door is. I make new friends just fine, thanks. But when I am being spoken to as a photographer, I will not tolerate insincerity. In this line of work I really do need an honest opinion, not just something I might want to hear. It’s a cut-throat business, and if you can’t even count on a “friend” to be honest and help you improve, then you’re never going to make it. So no, I don’t have time or space in my life for people who are trying to sweet-talk me. I will not be manipulated, and I will succeed. Screw them if they don’t believe in you.

Needless to say, friendship over.


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