Back to School

Now that the FIFA World Cup is over, the little ones all over the country are back to school today. After a very long five weeks of vacation, I think it’s about time!

In my house, the school talk is being dominated by exams. The little one in our house is in Grade 12, her final year, and she’s already counting the weeks until she’s finished. (Which is seven weeks, I was informed) But, let’s not get carried away. There is a lot of hard work, revision and studying before those seven weeks are over. In the last couple of months before the year-end, she will have to endure two exams, which will be some of the most important of her life. The marks she gets for these, will determine whether she will be able to go study, whether she will be accepted to study Law, and whether she will be able to earn a bursary. Amidst the exams and studying, there is also the Matric Farewell, (which would be Prom for those who don’t know) which is an event in itself. The dress is already being made, the hairstyles are being selected and we haven’t even found shoes yet.

With all of this lying in wait, you would think that these kids are focused. Unfortunately not. It’s just seven weeks this, and seven weeks that. They can’t wait to get out of the house, away from Mother’s watchful eye and to start living the student life. It saddens me that they don’t realise that these will be the easiest times of their lives. It’s carefree. There’s no worrying about tuition fees, no worries about rent or food. The time spent at school is precious. Yes, being at varsity is fun also, but that is where you learn how to be a grown-up, and taking responsibility for your actions. Failure is a very expensive excercise. The years at varsity also flies by in the blink of an eye. And after that, it’s over. No more carefree days. You will now be an adult. You have to get a job, pay your own rent, buy your own food, pay the bills and go to bed early.

If I have one piece of advice for young people, it’s this: Don’t wish your time away. Enjoy every last bit of carefree life that you can. Being an adult isn’t as fun as you might think. Life isn’t an episode of Friends. It’s hard. If I could, I would go back to University, and study again. Not only because it’s easier than being an adult, but also you realise the mistakes you made, too late I’m afraid. I would study harder. Study more. I would be more dedicated and learn a better work ethic.

At the end of the day, you want to say “No Regrets”, but alas, few of us adults, can say it. We have so much to teach the younger generation. But I guess mistakes are there to make you learn. Just try not to be wasteful with your youth.

Much Love 


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