Can’t we all just get along?

What a disappointment. Really. Yesterday, there was girl on my Facebook whose status update was something along the line of “Rumour has it that the night of the long knives will happen on the night of the 13th. Pray to God, and let’s be ready”

Firstly, the “Night of the long knives” refers to a prophesy made by Siener van Rensburg a hundred years ago. The prophesy goes that there will come a time in South Africa where all the black people will rise up and start murdering the white people. Furthermore, there a couple of signs that he predicted which would announce the arrival of said prophesy. A couple of these signs are:

  • A very cold winter, like no winter before
  • The workers at the electricity plants threaten to cut the power
  • Mining accidents that will result in uprising
  • The Rand (SA’s currency) weakening
  • Murders on white people where no theft is involved
  • England disappearing into the water
  • Several countries that are in a state of war
  • The Muslims are involved in a religious war


So, clearly all of these things are true in my country. And what do the scared, racist white people do? They go into a flat-spin over all these signs, and what this man predicted a very long time ago. But hang-on. It’s the 14th today…Nothing happened. No, really?

After I read this status, it bothered me for a couple of hours. I read up a little on this prophesy, and I came across a very frighteningly large number of white supremacist sites who all predict doom and gloom for the white people of South Africa. This upset me, so much so, that I decided I would comment on the girl’s status. I said that I thought it was completely irresponsible to put a post like that up on Facebook. It frightens people, and fear is an incredible driving force. I told her that people thought after the 1994 elections, all the white people would be murdered. They also thought that when Eugene Terre’blache (a former AWB leader) died earlier this year that there would be a civil war. It didn’t happen.

She responded with :”Lol, like Noah tried to warn the people and they all laughed at him”, after which she removed me as a friend. Gosh, I didn’t know that racism and Christianity was the same thing. I don’t see how this prophesy has anything to do with religion. It only fuels people’s fear and hatred for another race. It’s called Xenophobia, people. If the prophesy has anything to do whatsoever with religion, then I guess there must be something very wrong, because it calls for Black people to be heathen murderers, and the poor little White man having to suffer for Christianity. But wait, aren’t there any Black Christians? Of course there are. So how does this fall into the teachings of the Bible to love one another? I told her as much.

I find it deplorable that people can be so ignorant, so hateful and racist. We’ve come a long way from slavery, and the indignation of Apartheid. If the people my age are still racist, still going on and on about Apartheid, what hope is there for the future? It’s ridiculous that my generation has this unexplained hatred of other races. We aren’t old enough to remember Apartheid. We weren’t affected directly by it. Sure maybe our parents and grandparents were, but by the time we could fathom what Apartheid was, it was over.

It’s time to get over it already. It’s over. We need to move on. Not only the white people, but also the black people. We need to stop the hate, and the fear and the violence. We are a civilised nation. Shouldn’t we start acting like it?

Much Love 


3 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along?

  1. Hi,

    I’m a Canadian living in SA and all I can say is ‘wow’ and ‘shame’. I have only lived here six months, and in that time I have witnessed the most shocking outburts of fear-mongering and racism that I have EVER encountered in my life. Good for you for responding to that comment. When will those people understand that they are putting the nails in their own coffins by creating such negative energy? If an animal is fearful, it is sure to be attacked by another hungry animal, but if it shows courage, it will be bypassed for an easier target.

    I have had these types of people tell me that I am crazy for moving here, and my blog has been verbally attacked many times…crazy.

  2. I agree completely. Negativity breeds more negativity. Good for you for sticking it to them! This country needs leadership that doesn’t encourage further hatred and fear. Fear is a very powerful tool, and it creates a mob-mentality where even if nothing was bound to happen, people are so afraid of what might happen, that they spark it themselves! Thanks for the comment. I do love this country despite all the problems, and I hope you will learn to love it as well.

  3. I do love it here…came for a three month visit and now have a two-year residence permit and a job!! I come from one of the top three most livable cities in the world, but to me, South Africa is far more dynamic. There is such potential here and so much possibility…it’s infectious, and there are large numbers of expats who move here every day seeking to help raise this country to the level it should and could be at. Lots of Swiss and Germans also come from safe, ‘perfect’ cities, but when we talk about the reasons for being here, it simply boils down to energy and vitality – South Africa is simply more alive and vibrant. Glad I found your blog…will keep reading!

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