Beer and Bread

Day 2 and 3: What a wonderful experience! Really extraordinary. After we got home on day one, and had a much needed shower, the man and I went for a beer (biertje). We walked to Rembrandtplein and had a tiny little Heineken draught at the 3 Sisters Pub, under an umbrella and did some people watching. As we were sitting the first impression I got was a very Cape Town feel. It really does feel like you’re sitting somewhere in Longstreet. The fashion sense…hmmm. Not so good. But then again, not everyone can look great, right? As it got later, the light had not just not faded. (As I’m typing here, it’s 20h00, and it is still light outside. Not even dusk yet. It only starts getting dark at about 23h00)

On Tuesday morning, we had a lovely family breakfast and went out exploring Kalver straat. This is an extremely looooooong shopping street, where there is a shoe store everywhere you look (awesome!) They have summer sales on at the moment, which is great, as we’re moving into summer when we get back. We had an amazing lunch at Loup Diner. I had the most fabulous Hummus and grilled veggie sandwich. De.Lish.

With all the walking, you can imagine the state of my feet. Blisters from the first day already, and my muscles are not used to walking so much. Today, we took a train to Utrecht, and did some more shopping. Thus far, I have bought gorgeous new heels, two dress/tops and a fabulous new watch. Still, I have not spent more than 70 Euro’s.

Tomorrow I am making Paella for the family, which i am quite excited about. They are leaving on Friday morning to go to Spain. Speaking of them, the twins. Gracious, those boys have stolen my heart. They are only three years old, but so amazing. Beautiful little boys, I can barely stand it. Every night before they go to bed, I get a ‘Knuffel’ which is a hug/snuggle and they leave us with big smiles and a friendly “Dag Dag”. That’s the greeting in the Netherlands.

It is hot here, but a very different kind of heat I’m used to. It’s very humid. But I am enjoying myself so much. I smell food. I better run. By the way, the food is lovely. And the beer…is making me fat. But when in Rome…

Much Love


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