Do you know the Muffin (wo)Man?

Phew. Baking is tiring. Really.

So, I finished the muffins, and they are gorgeous! But, thanks to my Math not being up to scratch lately, I bought enough supplies for 6 dozen, in stead of 5 dozen. So I made 72 muffins. Not 60. Oi vey. But it’s all good, because my muffins are so very popular, and now there are 12 extra for my family. Yay! I won’t be having any though. Dieting is so hard! But it pays off to almost starve myself and eat only salad and drown my body in water. The weight is still coming off, and I’m so thrilled!

The move is also almost done, we now only have furniture to move. I still haven’t found a double bed. Blegh. I really hoped I could get one before moving in. The place is starting to shape up, and it feels like a fresh start for me. I realise now that moving really isn’t so bad. It gives you the opportunity to revive your life. It is a schlep with the packing and all the hard labour, but that’s okay. My mother has us so well trained that we can pack an entire house up in one day, and unpack the next.

I still haven’t found any inspiration for the blog competition that I want to enter. But I better get a move on, the competition closes end of September. (I think. I hope. I have to check)

Thank goodness it’s Friday, right! I need a rest. Before you go, have a look at my muffins.


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