Fashion = Freedom of thought?

Can fashion equal freedom? Does it?

Today, I’d like to share some very personal thoughts. I woke up this morning, after tossing and turning all night, battling with nightmares. I got up with a sigh, thinking I don’t have anything to wear and feeling oh so gloomy about the dreams. These nightmares come often. They’re never quite the same, but the underlying theme is always the same. I realised this morning that these dreams are just my subconscious telling me to grow a pair.

These dreams are sparked by insecurity and fuelled by distrust. I have a problem with these issues. I haven’t always been like this, but there have been events in my life that made me this woman. It’s sad, and pathetic, and I’m tired of it. I recently started being needy, and insecure and insanely paranoid. Add to that jealousy, and you have a whole bag of ugly. Ugly that is me.

But as I drank my coffee, pondering my bore of a wardrobe, I saw an outfit in my head. I thought to myself that I could NEVER pull it off. I’m not skinny enough. But, I tried it on anyway. Now my mother is my biggest fan and my worst critic. I love her for that. If I want an honest opinion about whatever it is that I’m wearing, I just walk into her room, and wait for the reaction. So slowly, and filled with dread, I took the long walk to her room, wearing an outfit that I was sure looked horrendous…

Her face lit up, and she said “You look so good. Look how much weight you’ve lost!” So I walked to my mirror and tried to see what she saw. I put on my boots, and my accessories, and tried agin. “Perfect”, she says. Cue the little sister (not so little, being 18 and all) and she delightfully chirps “You look so cute. Like I-could-eat-you-up-cute”. So now, it’s too late to get dressed again, and I just decide to bear it and wear it.

By the time I got to work, the nightmares were forgotten, and I’m feeling the fashionista in me clawing her way back out from the depths that is my dark and twisted soul. And as I sat, reading my emails before we open up shop, I decide that yes, indeed, I really do look good.

With that thought along with the epiphany that even though I’m not Super Skinny, like I long to be, I have lost 10 kilo’s, and that is nothing to scoff at. And that I am worth the praise.

So what I’m trying to say, is that this outfit changed my outlook today. I have made a conscious decision that I will no longer be this pathetic, insecure, sad little shell of the girl I used to be. I am hot. I am beautiful. I am intelligent and talented. And I am done, and I mean DONE, trying to be the girl that would make you not cheat on me. Look, if a guy wants to cheat, he will. No matter what you try to do to stop it. The more you fight it, the more likely it will happen. So I’m not begging for monogamy anymore. I’m assuming it doesn’t need to be asked for. I’m not begging for love anymore. If anyone can’t love me for me, faults and flaws and all, then so be it. I’m better than begging, and I won’t do it anymore.

So yes, I think that fashion can free. It freed me of the insanity that kept filling up my mind. And that is kinda great.

Much Love  


13 thoughts on “Fashion = Freedom of thought?

  1. I hear you on how events in life can make you into someone who you are not. I’ve been through this and have now thankfully come out the other side. Having gone from a place of begging for fidelity, I moved into a place of expecting. I now expect monogamy; not in a demand way but in a ‘there is no other way’ mindset. It was a single decision, and the decision to expect only healthy, peaceful, conscious love in my life has changed my life permanently. I now have an amazing man who respects and adores me, and he expects the same from me. I love that you say you ‘decided’ that you looked good. I firmly believe that is the key – decision. It’s up to us to determine/decide our truths, and once we do, life falls in line. If we leave it up to others to determine/decide our worth, thereby remaining vulnerable and insecure, our lives will continually reflect that.

    I bet you look AMAZING!

    • Hi Di! Good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment, as always, we have so much to say that’s similar. I think I just realised that no relationship should be one person constantly in fear of their partner cheating or whatever the case may be. I don’t want to live like that anymore. That’s no way to love. And I do want to add, that these fears are unfounded. The man I’m with is loving and caring and adores me. I am (was) just so paranoid and afraid of losing what we have, that I could have ruined it. But he stuck with me… 🙂

      • Hehe, mine is a sticker too 🙂 I have had my moments of flashback where I freak out (usually PMS related) and get paranoid, but he handles those moments with such grace and reminds me of what I expect. Some people would say we are lucky to have such good men, but I say that we have worked hard to get to this place and that it is all based on our decisions to love ourselves. xo

    • I own a company named “The Fashion Liberation Front.” The name of my business is COPYWRITED and is in the process of being trademarked nationally & internationally, as are the terms “Liberate Fashion” and on its own “Fashion Liberation.” Therefore, it is illegal for you to publish those words without my express permission. I assure you that you do NOT, in fact, have that permission.

      If you continue to use any of these words in the sequences I mentioned, I will take legal action against you.

      In advance, thank you for renaming your blog post and never using any of the aforementioned copywrited phrases above, again. Please appraise me via email at when you do indeed remove the name of the post. Thank you, again.

      • I changed the post. Please also see my latest blog entry.

        And, as your tone in your comment is so very hostile, I’ll give you a very sarcastic

        Thank You

        You gave me something to blog about.

  2. By the way, those terms were coined in 2002 by the owner of The Fashion Liberation Front. Thanks.

  3. I just spoke to two lawyers, and both said that’s a crock of you know what. The words Fashion and Liberation, can not be copyrighted. It’s not a new, made up word. It’s not unique. Therefore, on Monday, when I get the final all clear from the law-brainiacs, I’m changing it back. This entry was written with liberation as a very apecific keyword, and the post just isn’t the same when it’s changed.

  4. Holy Moly, this post has certainly become rather interesting. It seems Ms. Fashion Liberation Front suffers from extreme delusions of grandeur as well as anti-social personality disorder. Sheesh, even if there had been a REAL legal problem (not an imaginary one resulting from the above mentioned delusions of grandeur), a normal human being would not have approached it with such aggressively-worded hostility. Seems Ms. Fashion Liberation Front could benefit from some conflict resolution classes and psychotherapy.

  5. Isn’t it still “in the process”? How does this then result into you owning it now? Please enlighten this n00b. I have a few phrases that I’d like to copyright. The coloured community will go crazy if they find out that they can copyright words and phrases together! Fantastic! Or rather, Awesomesaurus. I’ll just copyright that too. And on that note: Wayward Child, jou blog is DANGEROUS (translated as: “very cool” but that is now trademarked).

  6. Wat ‘n klomp bollie van ‘n oningeligte en IK gestremde, idiologies weg-byster en totaal verkrampte idioot. In case of a translation required by “The Company of dubious name”, in short, you are an idiot in my opinion. Have another drag of the dumbing down potion you lit just before writing the crap.

  7. I would recommend you read the law yourself to answer your question regarding how one can own an idea or concept during the process of it being registered. It is a federal law and so, should not be too difficult to find. Great luck with your blog.

  8. Dear Fasion liberation
    are you realy that arrogant and oblivious to reality to think they can own a phrase or a word, firstly the copyright law can be enforced if it’s in direct violation to your “business” example if their using your business name in any trade to promote themselves financially, since a monkey can see this clearly wasn’t the case it’s freedom of expression and freedom of press heard of it? it’s in your constitution, I take it your American. Clear and simple you CAN’T OWN A WORD. Secondly I know you think the States is the world but “Federal law” applies to the specific country and I personally would not recognise a court that would recognise such a ridiculous claim.
    Yours Sincerely

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