I’ll just jump off a bridge.

Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but today is a terrible day. I am so disappointed in myself today, that I’m seriously contemplating my worth…

As a 23 year old, you might have the opinion that I’m still young, and energetic and should be positive and blah blah blah. I don’t. I have a sense of impending doom and failure, and I don’t know how to fix it. You see, I really haven’t accomplished anything. I screwed up my studies, so now, instead of having a degree, I merely have a diploma. I feel angry at myself that I didn’t allow myself to have more of that student experience. I am angry that I now have less of those experiences than my friends do. And now I’m old. But I would go back in a heartbeat if the finances would allow it…But alas.

I want to do more with my life. I want to stop being this mediocre being in a mediocre town doing mediocre work. I want to travel, and see things, and meet people. Regret always comes too late. But on the flip side of that argument, if I hadn’t made the choices I did, I wouldn’t have met some very special people…One in particular… But still, sometimes I wonder when it would be my turn to get the dream.



It has come to my attention that the video that I prevoiusly posted on my Genius! post was, in fact, a Coldplay video.

My bad.

Here is the real video:


What have we become?

I am ashamed (to say the least) to look at us, as a society, and see how we treat other human beings. I know my tirade on tolerance is becoming a little old, but this morning, I was just devastated to see this…

I am an avid follower on PerezHilton.com and I know what you’re thinking. It’s mostly filled with celebrity news that really have no meaning in my life, but it keeps me busy, and somehow (I don’t know why) it makes me feel good to be on top of celebrity gossip, to be the first among my friends to know these things. It’s silly, but I love it. But sometimes, a message comes through on the site. This celebrity blogger is also a human being, a champion for minorities (him being a Latino and all) but also for equal rights for all people, gay or straight. So often, I find good causes on his site and so on. But also, he often reports on the very cruel treatment many young people suspected of homosexuality are getting in the US. One case that springs to mind, is a young girl (Constance McMillen)  who was banned from her own prom, because she wanted to bring a female date. That’s just absurd.

But what I saw this morning shocked me. I am saddened by the lack of tolerance, acceptance and humanity displayed by society. Please read this article: http://bit.ly/9EvoNc  It’s short, and will not take up too much of your time.

If this doesn’t enrage you, I am frightened to think what else must happen before we make some changes. As always, I encourage you to support The Trevor Project, on the left-hand side of my blog is an easy way to start. They are doing very important work. Please help.

Much Love ♥ (for everybody)