Move your ass!

I am fed up with my life. And I am soooo fed up with myself for bitching about it and not doing anything.

So today is the day, dear friends. Today, I am starting anew.

  • I’m back on my diet. And thanks to WaywardMom, we have groceries in our pantry! So, I’m doing breakfast now, (muesli and low-fat yogurt) and for lunch, a cereal bar and for dinner salad. I realise that the way I lost the weight initially, was effective, but it’s not sustainable. I’m not strong enough to starve myself for more than two weeks at a time.
  • I’m seriously looking for a new job. I want to be in publishing. I want to have a job where I’m happy, and working in a healthy environment. I want to have a job where I am allowed to be creative and have a voice. I have made contact this morning with someone, and I really do hope something happens. Hold thumbs!
  • On Wednesday, my hair will be done, and I will be rocking a new look, a new attitude.

A new me. Let’s hope the positive energy theory is real, because I am now sending all the positivity I can handle into space.


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