Can a relationship survive Unemployment?

Can a relationship survive Unemployment?

I’ve been thinking for a while now about this, seeing as I might be standing on the doorstep of unemployment…Again. In these tough economical times, unemployment is rife. It’s everywhere, from the richest of countries to the poorest. It’s tough, and people are really struggling. But apart from the financial strain that unemployment can cause, unemployment can also put an enormous strain on a relationship. It’s difficult to support a partner, even more so with salary decreases and the rise of living costs. So if you lose your job, can your relationship survive?

I believe so. You see, about two years ago, I hit a rough patch. I had to quit my job (and not because of a nancy pansy reason…I HAD to). Which was fine, for a week or two, but the reality hit when a month later, I still couldn’t find a job, I was still at home, and my partner still had to support me, on top of all of his own expenses. I won’t lie, it was difficult. It’s true that money is the root of all evil, because when we had to fight about money, that’s when we were at our worst. The fights were ugly, they were frequent and we nearly went up in metaphorical flames. After about four months of constant fighting, spitting, spewing and many tears, we decided that I had to get a job. Any job. So I started waitressing so I could help contribute to our household. I can tell you it wasn’t fun, it didn’t feel good to have a qualification and having to be a waitress.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a waitress. I did it for a long time before then, and I was also a bartender. I have a great respect for people working in the hospitality industry. It’s hard work. You get to meet a lot of interesting people, but you get to meet a bunch of ignorant, ungrateful arrogant pigs too. And you have to suck it up, because you have to smile for your money. You learn tolerance, the value of service, gratuity and humility. As a side note: Always tip your waitron. Always.

But getting back to my point, our relationship improved drastically when I started working. And eventually, I got to move on from waitressing, and it really didn’t matter anymore. I believe that unemployment can ruin a relationship. But it can also make you stronger as a couple, and teach you the value of a supportive partner. It’s up to you. You need to decide if you’re going to bite the bullet, and do whatever is necessary, or if you’re going to allow your pride to stand in the way, and possibly causing the death of your relationship.

If your relationship can survive unemployment, it can survive almost anything.

Much Love 


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