The Wedding Crashers!

Oh my greatness, I haven’t blogged in forever. I’m so sorry. I was just busy, but bored, and insane, but without inspirations. But here I am, wanting to tell you about my weekend.

So Friday was the little sis’ Matric Farewell, which would be Prom for US readers… Oh, she looked so cute! But boy was she a princess the entire day! “I want this” “I want that” ‘Do this” “Buy that”…that sort of thing. But it turned out great, and we knew it was a big day for her, so we sucked it up. Here is a tiny preview…I am only allowed to post everything once everybody in the family has seen… She’s the little lady in Blue!

 But Saturday I went to a wedding with my fabulous friend Ernie. It was so much fun, even though I barely knew anybody there. It was held at Bon Cap, which is about 20km outside Robertson, and it’s really pretty there. And the food…oh, the food. We had beef fillet for mains, on a basil pesto infused mash, with grilled veggies on top. The fillet was absolutely amazing. It just melted in your mouth. Yum.. And dessert was the most creamy and smooth traditional cheesecakes, served with fresh strawberries. I couldn’t resist.

And on Sunday morning, the man and I went for a very romantic breakfast at the Lady Grey Restaurant at Trossachs just outside McGregor. We had a full farmhouse breakfast, which is close to an English breakfast, and it was so delightful. The view was amazing, and it was so quiet there, between the mountains, as we sat on the terrace and fell in love again (it’s nice to fall back in love every weekend!)

On the job front, I got my revamped CV, and I’m now looking for work like a demon. My dream job is out there! I will find it!

Much Love 


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