Last week I was sent this clip, and I’d like to share it with you.

I am often amazed about how strong people who are different can be…Society casts out people for being weird, or ugly, or fat, or gay or whatever the case may be. But these people, despite being ostracized rise above the fray and come out stronger. It’s quite amazing to see how easily people break, and how easily others move on and become stronger human beings. It’s a testament to the strength and character of people, the willpower to succeed against all odds.

Sometimes, I find, that people who are shut out from society and more often than not, much happier in their own lives than their “normal” counterparts. How silly are we to think that to shame others will make us feel better. How silly of us to judge others, but expect not to be judged on our own character.

Please watch this, it’s quite inspirational. Thanks Ernest, for making this.

Much Love   


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