The Curious Case of the Missing Wardrobe…

So, I’ve realised that there is a big mystery to be solved at my house… I am missing some garments. Some very nice ones, at that…Curious.

Of course, my first suspicion was that the little one took it. It is a widely known (and admitted) fact that we “borrow” clothing from each other…That is, until the other one finds out and it is sheepishly handed back to its rightful owner. But I flat out asked her, and demanded honesty or all hell will break loose, and she said she doesn’t have any of it. And I believe her. Here’s why: Normally, when we’re hiding this type of thing, you try to keep the owner as far away from your closet as possible. But she just told me that on her return Sunday, she will pack het closet and suitcase out, for me to see, that she does in fact, not have it. So I’m pretty sure she is being honest.

So next on the list, is the big sister. I did ask her, and she too, said no. I believe her, because with us two, if the other one asks, you just ‘fess up and give it back. Sure, we hide the fact that we have it, but when confronted with the question, we just admit it and move on…

So I asked the man, because maybe I left it there sometime. He said he’s not sure, that he’d check, but I’m almost 100% sure it’s not at his place. So now I’m completely stuck. It’s definitely not still in Amsterdam, because I’ve worn two of the items since our return, and the other one was missing even before we left. I’m sure it’s not just hiding between my own clothing, because with the move and the packing out, I sorted out my stuff and my closet is actually neat (Shocker!!!).

What to do? I’m going to double-check my own closet, and also check in the linen closet. (Sometimes we put clean laundry in there when we don’t have time to sort it out before we have guests coming) But I’ll have to wait until the young one comes home to see if she has it or not. But if she doesn’t, what then?

I’m quite devastated to even think about my stuff being missing forever (!). I love my clothing. I am somewhat materialistic. I am saddened by this loss. Some of those items are quite irreplaceable. Blah. What do I do?

Much Love 


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