I ♥ Neil Patrick Harris

I honestly do. Not only do I think he’s a brilliant actor, but I think he’s a good human being too. Check out the clip below:


It just goes to show: A gay actor can play a straight man (convincingly) and not be typecast in the industry to just playing gay roles. He plays Barney Stinson, and womanising man-whore in How I Met Your Mother, but he does it so well, you believe he’s straight, and you kinda love his character. He’s Legen….Wait for it…….Dary.

I know this message is getting old now, but I can’t stop until we do something about the hate and intolerance towards homosexual people. I do not understand how this situation escalated so quickly, and frankly, I’m appalled that so many people are just ignoring the issue. Maybe it’s not a case of escalation, maybe it’s just that it’s getting proper media coverage this time. Whatever the case may be, it’s not good enough to just sit around and do nothing.

There is a movement by celebrities making these YouTube videos to spread the message of tolerance and love. These struggling people need to know that it WILL get better. It absolutely will. As with all issues before this, it has to get worse before it gets better. But sooner or later, these hateful bigots will be put in their place as society will no longer accept this cruelty towards other people.

Chin up. You can do it.

If you need help – Ask! There are plenty of people who can help. As always, if you’re living in the USA, I recommend The Trevor Project. They are amazing. I will do some sniffing around to find people to help, all over the world.

Much Love ♥ To everybody!


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