Damn you, manners!

Ugh! I so badly want to blog about something today. But I can’t. Because it’s about somebody I know. And that somebody I know, sometimes reads my blog. So it’s a dilemma. And it’s not like I can just change names, or change the situation a little, because it will still be obvious.

The worst part of it is, I can’t write about this, because I’m afraid to hurt people’s feelings. But the reason I want to blog about this is because it is really MY feelings that are hurt. What’s that saying again…? Oh, yeah. Between a rock and a hard place.

So now, I have to keep this bottled up, and yes, I can talk about it to others who are close to me, but I would NEVER say anything to anyone involved in this situation, because I want to be nice. I want to be liked. How pathetic. What’s worse is, is that because I will never say anything about it, it will never get better. It will always be the same. And I will be stuck feeling like a pathetic loser, and they’ll never know. But when there comes a time when I am asked to support one of the parties involved, I should jump. Yes master, how high, master?

You know, people are really shit sometimes. People really don’t give a damn about others. Only themselves. And that, dear reader, really sucks.

Not feeling the love today, but as always, sending it out to you.


One thought on “Damn you, manners!

  1. If there is any sign of abuse (verbal or otherwise), misuse or disregard, there can be NO MANNERS. Not allowed. Don’t volunteer for it, and absolutely don’t stand for it.

    If is was me, I’m sorry. If it wasn’t I’m sorry too

    Luv, as always

    The Vos

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