I hear the bells a’ringing

I worked a wedding again this weekend. And it was beautiful. But oi vey I have to start the mountain of editing that lies in front of me.

Sometimes I wonder if all this technological advances are really a good thing. Yes, DSLR‘s has made the work of a photographer much easier and more convenient. But when I started out, I had two SD cards. One 2 gig, and one meagre 256 mb card. And that’s all I had for shooting a wedding. Which meant that I shot much more carefully. I thought about shots before I even got there and I limited myself very much.

Now though, I have a variety of memory cards, none smaller than 2 gig. Now this is very convenient, true. But, like I said, is it really a good thing? The wedding that I just did was so much fun, and I got a lot of great shots. But that’s kinda the point I’m trying to make. It’s just that fact, that makes the post-operation part of my job much harder, more time consuming and very monotonous. Editing. The problem with limitless space is just that. It’s limitless. Therefore you just shoot left and right, doing way too many doubles of one shot (just for in case someone’s eyes are closed) and at the end of the night, you’re stuck with thousands upon thousands (I kid you not) of raw material that needs to be sifted through, and then edited. And believe me, of those thousands of photos, I never give more than 500 photographs. It’s just not plausible to give a bride 1000 photos to go through. It’s just too much. And if you let that many slip through, there’s bound to be a couple of so-so shots. So-so shots have no place in a portfolio. And the work you do as a photographer at a wedding, is all for your portfolio. The bride is going to show your work to all of her friends and family, and if she’s happy, she’ll hopefully recommend you. But with so-so shots in between, you’re compromising the integrity of your work. I’d rather have a bride be disappointed about having not that many photos, but them being great, that have a bride be disappointed with having to go through hundreds of photos and find only a handful of gems.

But enough yapping from me, I need to get to work. I’ll post some when I’m done.

Side note: I long for a kitchen with an oven. I miss making proper food.


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