Marlene & Riaan

So I am finished with all of my editing, and it really didn’t take me as long as I had expected. I really am quite happy with the results.

I used Photoshop CS4 and Bridge for the bulk of my editing but I have discovered a new program called PhotoScape. This program is quite cool in the sense that it has many effect that you can do on Photoshop with just one click. On this program I can do some very cool vintage-look effects, with just one button. On Photoshop, I’d probably have to use a bunch of layers and all of that. So I found it quite useful. I’ve also noticed the trend in wedding photography where photos are edited to look vintage. As if I had used a film camera with a distinct colour-toned film like Agfa.

I wouldn’t use PhotoScape for the bulk processing, but for a couple of WOW shots, it’s really quite amazing. The cool thing about PhotoScape is that you can just download it from the internet. Easy-peasy Japanesy.

So here are a couple of shots from the wedding, but the rest can be seen at

As always, please remember that these images are under copyright. Enjoy!

Much Love



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