Blogger Schmogger

So I haven’t had anything that I wanted to write about in quite some time. It’s quite sad, actually. Tomorrow is my last day at work. I need to come up with a hefty sum of money to cover the deposit on the new place I want to move in to by December. I don’t know where to start. Oi vey.

Today is WaywardMom’s birthday! Happy birthday, mama.

I couldn’t call myself a blogger, because (obviously) I don’t blog often enough. I’d love to start a food blog, but in the end, I would just be borrowing recipes from others and show you how I made it. Blah. Also, it wouldn’t do my figure any good, because who’s going to eat all the yummy treats I make? Me. I’m also not nearly active enough in my photography to blog about that every day. Hmm.. What to do?

Blogging is hard. Side note: the packing up of my life is going quite well. I only have like a quarter of the kitchen left to pack, and then all that’s left is my own room. The rest is basically done. And I have two days left, so I’m pretty sure I’ll finish in time.

Ooooh, I just had an idea! The man and I (mostly me) decided we will each get a turn every week to have date night. That means, once a week, I have to plan a lovely evening for the two of us, and he has to do it too (on a different day obviously). So in the future, probably from December onwards, each week I will share our date nights. All of us need a little help sometimes to keep the fire burning. So that’s my contribution.

The AMAZING Christmas gift has not yet arrived. Aaargh.


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