Oh No!

Oh, my darlings! I haven’t blogged in forever. I am so truly sorry. I hope you have missed me as I have missed you.

So here’s the news in WaywardChild’s world: I got the job, and I moved. Sort of. I am on the right side of the mountain, but all of my belongings are still on the wrong side. Blah. I want to move this weekend, but there are some hold ups. Double Blah. The new job is…well, it’s different, yet the same. Same job, just much MUUUUCH longer hours and more workdays. Also, they blocked all of the internet at work. Yes, all of it. So no Hotmail. No Twitter. No Facebook. And most importantly, NOBLOGGING. Oi vey. Triple blah.

On to tonight, we’re having dinner at Cousin’s house. On the menu is: Ostrich Fillet (yum), egg noodles (don’t know yet) and oven roasted veggies and we’re going to venture into a port reduced type of sauce. Culinary delights! Wonder what’s for dessert though. (Side note: this is why I am able to blog. Cousin is nice enough to let me use his MacBook (heart) and internet)

Back to my wine. Which, for the record, is Boland Kelder: CappupinoCcinotage. Pinotage with cappuccino notes. HmmMmm.

Much Love, darlings.


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