Oh Hi!

Hi there, friends…

I know I have abandoned you so… I apologise. I must get moving on getting an internet connection at home. But alas…I have not yet gotten round to it. Nor have I the financial means to.

On the job front, all is going well. And on the love front, all is rosy.

Today I am off, and I find myself in Stellenbosch, feeling so nostalgic. You never realise you miss it, until you have to leave.   all determined to donate blood today, but after waiting half an hour in line, the lady told me my blood pressure is too low. I am very disappointed. I like donating blood, and I haven’t done it in ages.

I spent some time with a girlfriend today, and we got to talking about parents. I realised that we, as the children of our parents, pay for their sins. How awful that so many children have to grow up in messed up, dysfunctional family situations, and end up as adults continuing the cycle, while going to the shrink, wasting money, trying to figure out what went wrong.

As an example: there was this boy, whose parents got divorced. The divorce was caused by alleged cheating. So this boy, grows up, knowing what had happened, but in later years, when he tells the story of his life, the cheating remains alleged. He knows it happened. But he insists it did not, it was just a nasty rumour, spread by jealous, bitter housewives. He has to pay for the sin of his parent, trying to save face for his shamed parent.

It’s sad that we can ruin ourselves, plus the legacy we leave, tainted with the mistakes of our past.

But for now, all we can do is try.

Much Love


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