Cough cough, Sputter sputter

I am feeling the grip of flu closing it’s claws around me. My body aches. My eyes are tired. My head is stuffy. I have the Monday blues. I am trying to dose myself with as many meds as I possibly can, because tonight, folks, we are doing stocktake. Joy. I am drinking this terribly luminescent yellow boiling fluid, supposedly making you sweat out the fever and flu whilst scorching your entire mouth. I have already had two Grandpa headache powders, plus two effervescent tablets that my mother used to give us when we were younger. So I’m pretty dosed up. Not feeling too fabulous, to be honest. Not sure what to blog about either.

Side note: I’d love to start a food blog. The photographs are always so amazing, you can almost taste the food. I want to eat now. I think I have pseudo hunger pangs.

Much Love


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