Redefining Shape

Round is not a shape I want to be. No thank you mister!

I can not for the life of me understand why anyone could be content with being fat. Why would one choose that? Being fat is easy. But life is not easy. So yes, I have worked hard in losing a lot of weight. But it really does not feel like an accomplishment when I am standing in front of the mirror in underwear. Because even though I have lost the weight, if I don’t do any exercise, I still have flab. And dreaded cellulite. Blegh. And there is no point in being happy with what the scale says if I can’t get into a bikini and feel good about myself.

So now, I will embark on starting an excercise routine. Shocker, I know. I am probably one of the laziest people ever, so this is going to be hard. Very hard. But I am determined. We are now moving into autumn, which gives me a couple of months before beach season is back. It gives me some time to get into the routine so that I can change my shape. Into a fierce delicious lean mean envy-inducing shape. 

The plan is to buy a spinning bike at the end of the month. ( I saw a special on a spinning bike, so it won’t be that expensive)  The plan is to spin myself into a frenzy of endorphins and sweat. Yeah! I will keep track of my progress, and bar me failing, I will keep you posted.

On a side note, I am going to have my camera serviced, and maybe (hopefully) it will solve the focusing problems I have been having.

Much Love


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