Challenge Accepted.

I was just challenged by one of my besties to start a new blog…About Fashion! My fashion. More to the point, a sort of “What I am Wearing Today” type of blog. And I love the idea!

Since I have to wear black almost everyday (for work), I shall sometimes focus on my accessories, or make-up. Maybe sometimes my hair or my shoes. Or even some new nail polish…Who knows? But I am exited. I think a big part of my excitement comes from having a reason to blog everyday now, since I (have to) wear clothes everyday. This blog gets quite neglected sometimes, I haven’t always got something important to get off my chest.

Before I begin this journey though, I need to name that blog. (Sounds like a Gameshow: Name That Blog!) I am very open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas, they are more than welcome. Keep in mind, that I don’t do haute couture. I do fashion, on a budget. I try to be thrifty and frugal, so that I don’t get chewed out when I get home! 🙂

I want to start soon, so watch this space. I will inform you of the details as soon as I have some!

Much Love.

P.S The only thing I love about this scorching summer, is the bountiful fresh fruit available. Mmmhmmm.


All the colours you can imagine

Hi friends!

I have not posted in a long time, and I am so very sorry. Life has been incredibly busy, and since I work in Retail, the Christmas season is my busiest, so I have not had much time for anything really. But let me catch you up:

The man and I have been looking into buying our first home, but so far, unsuccessfully. We have however made two offers on two places, but both were rejected. The last one devastated me quite a bit, it was my perfect home. So, the search continues, but less vigorously. Our Christmas was fantastic though, and he really outdid himself this year with my gifts. (But then again, so did I!) I got him the new Jeremy Clarkson book, and gorgeous worn leather wallet, and for my grand finale: The Star Wars Blu-Ray Box set. He got me the final season of Will & Grace (which now have the complete set of), the new Nigella Lawson cookbook, as well as the Jamie Oliver Professional series of cookware by T-Fal! Oh.My.Greatness. Such an awesome gift! Pretty soon I shall be blogging all about food! Yay! The summer is also officially here, and let me just say, it is going to be a scorcher. I am not loving it.

I recently went to an area in Cape Town’s CBD called Bo-Kaap. It is a very old neighbourhood in the centre of the city. What makes this place so special is that it’s residents (who are mostly Coloured people with a Malaysian or Muslim background) paint their houses in the brightest, most vibrant colours, and because of their heritage, as you walk through the neighbourhood, you can smell the most sensational and fragrant curry smells. It’s a sensory delight walking through there, hearing the children play in the streets, smelling the delicious foods, seeing these brilliant colours and feeling the warm ocean breeze on your face. I took some photographs, which is actually the main reason I went there, but I would like to go again, but much later in the day, when the sunlight isn’t so very harsh.

Here is one of the photos that I shot. You can view the rest on . My absolute favourites are the ones I took of my mom. She’s lovely.

As always, these photos are my intellectual property, so please ask if you want to use it.

Much Love ❤