My 7 day plan to having an LBD-ready Body!

Also known as banging. Also known as fierce. Skinny. Whatever. The point is, I have a 7 day plan, and I am hoping it will get me ready for the LBD (Little Black Dress, for my fashion noobs) I have recently purchased for a friend’s wedding in two weeks. I am hoping that in the next 7 days, with the help of this plan, I will lose 10-17 lbs. And if it doesn’t work, I have another week to make a plan. Alongside this plan, I shall be exercising like a madwoman! I am motivated! I am ready! I will do it! (You know I will, don’t sit there tut-tutting at me!)

Today, I am only allowed to eat fruit. Yes, just fruit. There is a soup, that I am allowed to eat whenever, and however much I want, but I’m not feeling the soup idea (yet). We’ll see how hungry I get during the week. 

If you’d like to join me, or maybe you’re just curious, you can find the Detox plan here:

I shall let you know daily what my progress is, and how I’m doing. Here’s hoping it works!

Much Love


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