Detox Drama: Day 2 of 7

So day 1 was quite…uhm…hectic.

For lunch, I had about 300g of Melon, and for dinner I bought a huge pineapple, and some apples. Turns out the pineapple was not ripe yet. So I had an apple, and a slice of pineapple. I was hungry. I drank lots of water. I made the man a big creamy, dreamy pasta. I almost died. I was very hungry. Still, I went to to bed smiling, knowing that I was doing something good for myself.

Day 2 started off quite well. I slept in because I was off, and when I got up, I kept myself busy doing laundry, exercising, doing dishes and having a nice long bath. I only started getting hungry at about 3pm, but I figured I could wait until dinner. By the time the man got home, I was starving, and I immediately dove into the cherry tomatoes I asked him to bring for my salad. Now, the plan says you can eat a potato for breakfast. First – I didn’t have potatoes. Second – Potato for breakfast, unless it’s in the form of fries or a hashbrown, not happening. Also, the plan says you can have the “Wonder Soup” in unlimited quantities. Don’t feel like making the soup, also, didn’t budget for all the ingredients. So yes, I am hungry, but I don’t have to be. If you do this, and you make the soup, you won’t be hungry. Back to Day 2, I had a biiiiig salad, with lots of lettuce, cucumber, some (more) tomatoes and avocado. I made salad for him too, but I cooked some chicken fillet in a bbq sauce, and added it to his salad. He had cookies for dessert, I had sparkling water.

Don’t feel sorry for me though, bebe’s. This morning (Day 3), I woke up 2kg lighter. Yes bitches, 2 kilo-freaking-grams. In two days. I am thrilled with that.

Today, I brought an apple to work, and a big bottle of water. I also brought Rooibos tea. Luckily, I take my tea with no milk or sugar, so no biggie. I am, however, craving coffee, but can’t have it, since I can’t stomach coffee without milk. For dinner, I’m having salad again, but I’m hoping my pineapple will be ripe by then.

Back to work for me. I’m hungry, and shaky, and have a headache. But I don’t mind. Really. I’m getting skinny!

Much Love


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