Detox Day 4 and 5

Sorry lovelies. I had off yesterday, and did not feel like doing much of anything.

But here’s my progress: Day 4 is the day of bananas and milk. I’m not the biggest fan of bananas, but I can tell you that day 4 was the easiest so far. The bananas are complex enough in their nutritional value, that I was never hungry, nor did I have any cravings. Yes dears, my cravings are gone. Not to say I wouldn’t slay a chocolate right now, just that it is not consuming my every thought anymore. The milk also helps you to feel full. Loved day 4. The man insisted that he should cook for himself, since my dinner requires no preparation. He ended up having eggs, ham and cheese on toast.

Day 5 was beef and tomatoes. Not my favourite, but I was full, and satisfied. It wasn’t bad, I just don’t know how to cook a steak properly. It’s my fault, really. I had tea with my mom in the afternoon, and we had such a lovely time catching up. Haven’t seen her in ages. Love that Lady. She’s so inspired by what this detox is doing for me, she’s starting her own detox today! Yay mommy!

So, let’s get down to the numbers. Since starting on this detox, I have lost 4kg! I am thrilled. I have not weighed this little since I was in varsity. Which is 6 years ago. So yeah. I am ecstatic. I have probably have lost a little more, but it doesn’t count, because I don’t know for sure since I didn’t weigh on Day 1.

Today is beef and veg. Not too bad. I am however feeling a bit under the weather, with a blocked nose and fuzzy head. Never mind. I am skinny!

Much Love


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