Detox Day 6 of 7

So, Day 6 falls on a Saturday, and everybody around me is eating junk. Since I work in a Mall, and there are fast food options all around me, weekends are really tough for me. But, I am holding strong. 

On day 6, I am allowed beef again, but this time with veggies, not just tomatoes. I decided to do beef strip stir fry for dinner, hoping (and praying to the food gods) that I don’t mess up the meat. I lightly seasoned our meat with salt and pepper, and just sealed them on both sides, and took them off the heat to rest. I started with the veggies, again – seasoned only with salt and pepper, no oil, no sauce. (Again, how I miss the sauce) When they were cooked, i dished out half for me, added sauce to the veg in the pan for the man. I sliced his meat, and glory be unto my T-Fal pan, it was perfectly medium rare. The noodles only took a minute, and I tossed the beef strips into the pan with his (saucy) veggies, added the noodles, and done. I quickly sliced my meat, and added it to my (un-saucy) veggies. Done!

To be truthful, I had a feast. The meat was perfect, and I was really full. Really satisfied. I actually felt guilty after I finished my food, because it was so good. I did not cheat, but still ate a really, REALLY good meal. And he also had a full belly, and we spent the night watching old seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. (Now, I can already hear you saying: “But it’s Saturday night, how can you stay at home??”. Well dears, I have to work today, which is Sunday. It’s incredibly tedious.

But nevermind that, today is Day 7 of 7! I made it. On my menu today is fruit juices, brown rice and vegetables. I’m actually quite keen for supper. And I just had freshly squeezed orange, apple and ginger juice. As a side note, I’ve come down with the flu, which may be a side-affect of the detox or not, I don’t know. Either way, I’m all snotty and congested. Blah.

Gotta go blow my nose, but as always…

Much Love


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