The Final Stretch – Day 7 of 7

So the final day has arrived. I have a cold, but I am so happy I could cry.

This detox has worked much better than I thought it would, and I definitely recommend it. I can feel that my stomach has shrunk drastically, which will help with the binge eating, food frenzied girl inside me. I even allowed to myself to have one light beer, and one glass of wine. I am going to give myself a couple of days’ break, but will continue on a less strict version from Wednesday on, just to be extra sure that I am wedding ready. (Side note: How crazy will I go if it comes to my own wedding…?!?)

After work on day 7, we went to the man’s sister and her man’s home, to say good bye. The lucky bastards are going abroad for three weeks. First to the south of France (grrrrrrumble grumble), and then to Amsterdam (you know how I feel about Amsterdam, friends. Choking on my jealousy here). We had a quick beer, learning key French phrases, and then we all popped over to my man’s brother and soon-to-be-wife’s house, where we had another quick drink.

We headed home after I reached my 2 drink limit and they started eating cake. Yes, cake. Dark, rich, moist chocolate cake. I should stop. I had wild brown rice and veggies, all in a bowl, which was kind of comforting. The man had the same, but his was separate, he had sauce (SAUCE!!), and roast chicken with that.

But now, on this Monday morning, I am done! The man went away for business for the night, so I am lonely finger tonight. That’s okay, it gives me time to watch Vampire Diaries. Or maybe I’ll do Grease. Haven’t seen that in ages, and just recently bought the DVD. But that leads me to the big question. The ever-present, always looming, inescapable daily pondering:

What’s for dinner?

I hope you have a good week. As always,

Much Love


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