Hearty Pea Soup

I thought I’d share with you my recipe for Pea Soup. Before we go any further, I must tell you: This is not a runny, light soup. It’s not a fresh or minty soup. This is the type of soup that you make in the winter, to warm your bones, to fill your belly, to comfort your soul. It is thick, and meaty. It’s what I want from a winter soup.


Dried Split Peas
Stewing Beef
Vegetable Stock
Worcestershire Sauce
Method: (this serves 2, with enough for second helpings. You can increase the amounts if you need to.)
Boil 800ml water
Pour water and 1 x stockpot in a slowcooker (on High). I use a local stock option called a Stockpot. It’s a gelatinous form of concentrated stock. I prefer this to a stock cube, although that will work too. If you want to, you can use homemade stock, too.
Add 1.5 cups dried split peas and season with salt and pepper.
Brown the beef in a pan on both sides. Season well with salt and pepper (about 2-3 min per side)
When it’s browned, add a couple of sloshes of Worcestershire sauce. Leave for about 2 minutes (until the sauce has reduced)
Add beef to the peas, making sure you get all the juices, and stir lightly (just to make sure nothing gets stodgy).
Put the lid on, and cook for a minimum of 4 hours.
You can peek and stir every 45 minutes. Start tasting at about 3 hours. The stirring will cause the peas to break up, there will be no need for blending or processing.
If the soup is really thick, you can add a little water. Only small amounts at a time.
If you do end up adding water, taste it. You might need to add more salt and pepper.
If the soup is too thin, you can add more peas. (No more than 1 cup for a 2 person serving) You should be able to see if it will be too thin by hour 3. If you add peas, your cooking time will have to be extended by an hour or two.
You should be able to serve after 4 hours, although I prefer leaving it for 5-6 hours. This makes the meat REALLY tender, and the soup super thick.
I normally serve with Portuguese Rolls, but you can use any type of bread (or no bread, if you prefer).
Delish. Now, go fill your belly!
Much Love

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