Results: Try-It Tuesday’s Creamy Bacon & Pea Pasta

Hi kids!

So our first Try-It Tuesday was a success! I overcame my fear of new foods, bit the bullet and did it. Now, the reviews are somewhat mixed, depending on who you ask. The man loved it. And I mean LOVED it. Stuck his finger in his bowl and cleaned it out. Loved it. But he’s easy to please. I had a few complaints… Firstly, the peas were somewhat undercooked. I followed the recipe, which said to put the peas in the boiling pasta water one minute before the pasta is done. Which I did. I thought that to be somewhat ambitious, so I let the peas cook for an extra two minutes. They were still not properly done. I guess American products’ cooking times are not quite the same as they are in South Africa. The second complaint was that the cheese did clump a little when I started with the melting part… A last complaint is that I like a little bit of sweetness to offset the saltiness of bacon, and it just was not there. But, on a positive note, since the recipe calls for hot sauce, I bought my first ever bottle of Tabasco! I went for the Chipotle variety because I adore the smokiness of it. And it was a good buy.

Here is a link to the recipe I used:

First off, the cheeses I used were Mozarella and Gouda. Second, I used Low-Fat Plain Yogurt. So here we go…

I got the pasta water boiling, generously salted of course, while I started to crisp up my bacon.



After that, we got working on the cheese. Luckily, the kitchen control freak in me allows for help with grating the cheese! Look at him being all helpful and domesticated!


I popped the peas in the pasta water, strained the pasta and peas after 3 minutes, dumped that into a serving dish, poured in some of the reserved pasta water, the yogurt, some of the cheese and the hot sauce. I mixed ferociously and got quite demotivated when it started clumping. I added more cheese, bit by bit, stirring all the while, and finally added the bacon when it was more or less smooth.


I decided to pop it into the oven for about 10 minutes, just to get all the cheese melty, and out it came. I then just adorned my creation with salt and pepper, and dished! Here’s what we got:


So all in all, not a bad one. I’d probably adapt it a little to add some sweetness. Also, cook the peas for longer! Next week is boys choice…Don’t know if I should be scared or… Nevermind. I am scared. But that’s kind of the point of this experiment. I think.

Much Love.


A new tradition: Journeying into the Culinary Abyss

Hi friends!

So the man and I (but mostly me) have decided that we will be starting a new weekly tradition. We’re calling it Test-It Tuesdays. (We’re open for suggestions on what to call it…I’m not sold)

What it boils down to, dear friends, is that I talk the sumptuous talk, but I don’t walk the delectable walk. What am I on about? Well, I say I am a foodie. I say how much I love food. Yet, I rarely, and I mean RARELY, ever try any new recipes. Gasp! I know, shocking! So the point of this tradition, a challenge if you will, is to expand our culinary knowledge, and explore the unknown tastes the world has to offer. Every Tuesday, one of us will pick a new recipe to try. It has to come from either one of my (many) cookbooks, or my Recipe board on Pinterest. And when we’re through with that, which is highly unlikely since I spend my life on Pinterest, we will move on to the greater source known as “The Internet”. Exciting, yes?

So, tonight, on our debut of Test-It Tuesday (seriously, not sold on the name), I have first choice. So I have picked Creamy Pea and Bacon Pasta. Sounds boring? Just you wait… But honestly, there’s bacon. There’s pasta. And peas (which we love). There’s even “Creamy”. What’s not to LOVE?

In about 4.5 hours, I will start my recipe, and photograph the whole experiment. Then I will post it. Along with the link to the recipe.

Fair warning though, next week will have to be on a different day, since we are going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers next Tuesday. Oh Em Gee, I cannot wait! And also, in other news, I got a tattoo. A post will follow with those details.

For now, I will pore over the recipe, and start mentally preparing, and maybe even a little actual drooling. And again, any suggestions on the name of our experiment/quest/challenge WILL be considered. Anything.

Much Love, as always.