An Open Letter to David Cameron and the IOC

Hi, friends

My heart is heavy this morning.

I’d like to direct you to this open letter to David Cameron and the IOC, which is Stephen Fry‘s very eloquent reaction on Russia’s anti-gay laws.

I feel ashamed of humanity that we as a people allow this kind of intolerance, cruelty, bigotry – plain inhumanity. I feel ashamed that the global community seems…I don’t even know…afraid… of Putin. If we allow people to commit this type of crime against humanity, what does it say about us, as people? What will historians say about us? Will they taste the bitterness of disgust, as we do when we think of the cruelty suffered by the Jews at the hands of Hitler and his Nazi‘s?

We should be ashamed that we let this happen. Not only in Russia. It happens everywhere. It is astounding. It is disgusting. What is the matter with us? Shame on us. Shame on me. Shame on you.

We need to do more.



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