Weekend Escapades (Review of Taste of Cape Town)

It’s Tuesday already, could you believe it? Mondays are normally such a blur for me, that it takes me a day to catch up. Be that as it may, I wanted to tell you what I got up to this weekend… (Eating mostly)

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You wouldn’t necessarily know this about me, but I am a competition junkie. I enter every competition I come across. Well, not every one. Only the ones with cool prizes. Especially with the wedding planning and budgeting (eeeeek!), I’m entering a plethora of bridal/wedding-related competitions. Also ANY kitchen competition. So when I saw that The Pretty Blog was giving away double tickets to the Taste of Cape Town I just knew I had to enter. I ended up being one of the 20 winners who got tickets! I asked my bestie to come with me, and I was elevated when he told me that he was in Cape Town for the weekend anyway, and would join me for the festivities. Among our many shared interests, food is a major one. We love it. We email each other almost daily, and the majority of our conversations are either about food, or being hilarious. Obviously.

photo (9)

We met up at the Green Point Stadium, where we had to park, and the festival was held at the Green Point Cricket Club. In terms of venue – it was quite good. There was plenty of space to mill about, looking at the food and drink stalls, but there was VERY little shade in which to sit, so every bit of shade was a revolving mess of people sitting down to eat, getting up to get something to drink, and back to searching for a cool place in the shade (Saturday was a scorcher).

The festival works on a voucher basis, where you buy a booklet with 20 vouchers in for R100.00, and everything inside is paid with that (except the products that you buy to take home like olive oils, pesto’s, chili jams and so forth). Bestie very graciously purchased a booklet for me, and a booklet for him. So, to taste some wine would cost 1-2 vouchers. A pint of craft beer would cost 5. A cocktail 6. And most foods was between 5-9 vouchers. This system is a bit of a rip off, I feel. I mean, even to taste wine, you have to pay? Not even for a full glass of wine. Literally a sip or two. Really?

photo (10)

Then, I’d also like to mention the variety of food stalls. Or lack thereof. There was maybe 15-20 food stalls, each with 1-3 items on their “condensed menu”. There was about 3 or 4 Asian options. I found it somewhat disappointing. I ended up drinking two pints from Mitchell’s Brewery – South Africa’s oldest craft beer, which was really good. I almost always go for a Lager, and this time I wasn’t disappointed. Bestie had some Paella, which was wonderfully tasty. The portion wasn’t big – but the aromatics were spot on. We also got some Jalapeno Poppers from Beefcakes. The filling was delicious, and they weren’t too spicy (not spicy enough for me, but I do like the burn!), however, since they weren’t exactly made to order, they weren’t hot anymore, and the batter was no longer crispy and crunchy. Which was a big downer, because I adore Jalapeno Poppers…

photo (12)

He also had a Spanish Chorizo Sandwich, which looked wonderful, but disappointed tremendously. The chorizo was not cured, so it had to be cooked before serving. And because the sandwiches looked so great, the line was super long. Which probably led to the person who was responsible for cooking the sausages to spinning a little, and leaving us with a raw sausage sandwich. Yum… Our last stop however, saved the day! We got some Fish Tacos and I’m sad to say that I forgot what the vendor’s name was. The fish was lightly battered, incredibly fresh and gloriously golden and crunchy. The tacos were just lukewarm making them just pliable enough, and cool enough to handle. Inside, there was an almost sweet but still amazingly acrid red cabbage slaw, and some chunks of mandarin to lighten the whole shebang. It was amazing. I had three. I have no shame.

photo 1

photo 2

photo (11)

We’ve come to this conclusion though: We would not buy tickets to go again. If it wasn’t for me winning the tickets, it would have ended up being a ridiculously expensive day, and to be fair, not really worth the money. Maybe if they can step it up a little, and work on the pricing structure. Maybe. But for now, I’d much rather go to The Good Food and Wine Show. But, it did give me the opportunity to see my friend for the first time in ages, and I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) put a price on that.

Did any of you go? How was it for you?


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