Today is a good day, readers!

I am no longer feeling ill. It took me a couple of days of feeling like a dog, being under the weather, sounding like a loser with my nasal voice and my nose as red as Rudolph’s, but I can now breathe and lift my head. It was rough for a couple of days. You should have seen me. It was scary. And slightly disgusting. Tissues everywhere! But it’s all over now, so yay for being healthy!

But today especially is awesome, because my future mother in law and I had lunch today. Our first lunch alone! And to be honest, I thought it would be weird, and maybe awkward, with us having nothing to say to each other. But I had fun. We bonded. And laughed. And chatted. And it was really nice.

I’m doing a photo shoot on Saturday, and looking quite forward to it! I also finally got around to uploading my whole backlog of photos. So all in all, I’m feeling pretty good today. AND I’m off tomorrow. So I’m going to clean my house (flat to be¬†exact), I’m going to paint my nails, do my hair, and bake muffins! I looooove muffins. Then again, who doesn’t? ūüôā


Cough cough, Sputter sputter

I am feeling the grip of flu¬†closing it’s¬†claws around me. My body aches. My eyes are tired. My head is stuffy. I have the Monday blues. I am trying to dose myself with as many meds as I possibly can, because tonight, folks, we are doing stocktake. Joy. I am drinking this terribly luminescent yellow boiling fluid, supposedly making you sweat out the fever and flu whilst scorching your entire mouth. I have already had two Grandpa headache powders, plus two effervescent tablets that my mother used to give us when we were younger. So I’m pretty dosed up. Not feeling too fabulous, to be honest. Not sure what to blog about either.

Side note: I’d love to start a food blog. The photographs are always so amazing, you can almost taste the food. I want to eat now. I think I have pseudo hunger pangs.

Much Love


We are a pill popping people. It’s just that simple. With the advance of medicine and technology, there is a pill for almost anything. Pharmaceutical companies are getting rich by selling the biggest variety of pills for the widest scope of ailments.

Now I’m not judging, we all need some help sometimes. And I’d be first to admit that I might be a hypochondriac¬†(but only a little bit). But it really does worry me that we are over medicating ourselves, and therefore, making the situation worse. I think that the human body is quite powerful. I don’t think we need to drink pills for everything. We have an immune system for a reason, and aren’t we weakening it by not allowing it to work?

I believe in the power of medication. I’m not denying that medicine is a good thing. It’s just that I don’t think we need to drink pills for every little thing.

So – a big part of my medication intake is Grandpa Headache Powder. If you want to read up on it, you can go to http://www.fastmoving.co.za/fmcg-suppliers/personal-care/glaxosmithkline/grand-pa/grand-pa. But you can also just plainly google it, and read some shocking things. The reason I drink Grandpa is because I am prone to excessive headaches and migraines, and quite often too. This is really not an exaggeration. And Grandpa really is the only medication I’ve found that works quickly. Sure, there are some other medications that worked, but my body builds up a tolerance really quickly and then those medications just don’t work anymore. The only thing that still works (I’ve been using it for about 7 years) is Grandpa. Sure, I have to drink about 4 or 5 if I have an intense migraine, but usually if I feel a headache¬†coming on I drink one or two to pre-empt it, and then it goes away. The scary thing about Grandpa is this: the reason why it works so quickly is because of its triple¬†action formula, which is paracetamol, aspirin and caffeine. Apparently that’s a really bad combination, because it eats away your stomach lining.

I’m probably addicted to it a little. The last three nights I have been woken up by a pounding headache. And yes, drinking more Grandpa is probably fueling the addiction. But I just don’t have a choice. If you’ve ever had a migraine, you’d know that you would do anything to make it go away.

Okay, so that’s my main medicinal intake. Addtionally, I only take contraception (have to be safe, you know!).

But you know what, there are people who are on painkillers, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, waking up¬†pills, walking pills, sitting pills, you name it, they take it. And¬†I find it sick that a doctor would prescribe that many medications to¬†one person. It’s damn irresponsible. That is how the “celebrities” get their addiction. And we glamourize these addictions way too much. It really not cool. Sure, I love House as much as the next girl, but his addiction to Vicodin has become something that makes you “cool” in real life. That’s not good. I think that many of these people who are so addicted to various types of medications just need to see a therapist. If you sort out the underlying issues, you’d probably be able to realise that the pills that you’re taking for the pain that you have, is not helping, because it’s not physical pain. Often, our bodies manifest psychological problems as pain. Then we take pain killers. But the pain doesn’t go away. Therefore we drink more. But the issue is not being dealt with, therefore the addiction forms.

We need to take care of the stigma of going to see a psychiatrist. Maybe then, we can stop blaming addiction for stupid things we do.

Much Love ♥ And Health