My 7 day plan to having an LBD-ready Body!

Also known as banging. Also known as fierce. Skinny. Whatever. The point is, I have a 7 day plan, and I am hoping it will get me ready for the LBD (Little Black Dress, for my fashion noobs) I have recently purchased for a friend’s wedding in two weeks. I am hoping that in the next 7 days, with the help of this plan, I will lose 10-17 lbs. And if it doesn’t work, I have another week to make a plan. Alongside this plan, I shall be exercising like a madwoman! I am motivated! I am ready! I will do it! (You know I will, don’t sit there tut-tutting at me!)

Today, I am only allowed to eat fruit. Yes, just fruit. There is a soup, that I am allowed to eat whenever, and however much I want, but I’m not feeling the soup idea (yet). We’ll see how hungry I get during the week.¬†

If you’d like to join me, or maybe you’re just curious, you can find the Detox plan here:

I shall let you know daily what my progress is, and how I’m doing. Here’s hoping it works!

Much Love


Challenge Accepted.

I was just challenged by one of my besties to start a new blog…About Fashion! My fashion. More to the point, a sort of “What I am Wearing Today” type of blog. And I love the idea!

Since I have to wear black almost everyday (for work), I shall sometimes focus on my accessories, or make-up. Maybe sometimes my hair or my shoes. Or even some new nail polish…Who knows? But I am exited. I think a big part of my excitement comes from having a reason to blog everyday now, since I (have to) wear clothes everyday. This blog gets quite neglected sometimes, I haven’t always got something important to get off my chest.

Before I begin this journey though, I need to name that blog. (Sounds like a Gameshow: Name That Blog!) I am very open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas, they are more than welcome. Keep in mind, that I don’t do haute couture. I do fashion, on a budget. I try to be thrifty and frugal, so that I don’t get chewed out when I get home! ūüôā

I want to start soon, so watch this space. I will inform you of the details as soon as I have some!

Much Love.

P.S The only thing I love about this scorching summer, is the bountiful fresh fruit available. Mmmhmmm.

A New Disease

I have just diagnosed myself with a brand new disease: OCDFS. It’s a serious strain of the OCD disease. It is Obsessive Compulsive Desire For Shoes. And I have got¬†it bad. Dearie, I have got it bad. Although, I must say, mine is not limited to shoes. It’s all fashion.

But today, my compulsion is aimed at boots. Oh, the boots. If you recall, I have been searching for specific boots for ages. So yesterday, I found them, and my heart nearly stopped. I already went to fit them on, but alas, I think it looks silly. The heartache! The pain! But I will go back in my lunchtime (yes dear, I am working today) and try them on AGAIN, and send a picture of me wearing them to my trusted advisor and see what she thinks.

I will keep you posted.

On a different topic, I completely went on a food debauchery yesterday and I feel terrible.¬†(I don’t even know if a person can write like that, there are probably a million things wrong with that sentence)¬† Today, I will try to eat something healthy. At least, I will try. And friends, I am happy to report to those of you who don’t know, I have officially lost 20 kilo’s! Happiness!

WaywardMom¬†is in Egypt on business! Jetsetter! I really want to travel more, but to be¬†quite honest, I would be content staying on one place…that place though, must be Amsterdam!

Back to obsessing over Boots. Ah, boots. Also, I kinda have a lot of work to do!

Much Love