What have we become?

I am ashamed (to say the least) to look at us, as a society, and see how we treat other human beings. I know my tirade on tolerance is becoming a little old, but this morning, I was just devastated to see this…

I am an avid follower on PerezHilton.com and I know what you’re thinking. It’s mostly filled with celebrity news that really have no meaning in my life, but it keeps me busy, and somehow (I don’t know why) it makes me feel good to be on top of celebrity gossip, to be the first among my friends to know these things. It’s silly, but I love it. But sometimes, a message comes through on the site. This celebrity blogger is also a human being, a champion for minorities (him being a Latino and all) but also for equal rights for all people, gay or straight. So often, I find good causes on his site and so on. But also, he often reports on the very cruel treatment many young people suspected of homosexuality are getting in the US. One case that springs to mind, is a young girl (Constance McMillen)  who was banned from her own prom, because she wanted to bring a female date. That’s just absurd.

But what I saw this morning shocked me. I am saddened by the lack of tolerance, acceptance and humanity displayed by society. Please read this article: http://bit.ly/9EvoNc  It’s short, and will not take up too much of your time.

If this doesn’t enrage you, I am frightened to think what else must happen before we make some changes. As always, I encourage you to support The Trevor Project, on the left-hand side of my blog is an easy way to start. They are doing very important work. Please help.

Much Love ♥ (for everybody)


A Dying Breed

I find the grammar and vocabulary (or lack thereof rather) of young people quite disturbing. I do understand the need to shorten words in texts, as there is obviously limited space. But it just works on my last nerve if I go on Facebook and every second status update is something to the effect of: “lmfao i DiDN’t du mAh hOmewuuurK!” or “1 L0V3 mY b@B1e s0 Much!” Sometimes I can’t even make sense of it at all. It takes you more time to figure out what this person is saying than reading The Republic by Plato. It’s terrible! I can’t stand it. It’s not only a waste of time trying to type in alternating capital letters, but to try to figure out all the ways you can really murder the English language is so time-consuming.

No wonder the kids aren’t doing well at skul (ahem, school). They don’t even know how to spell anymore. They grow up with a shortened abbreviated disfigured language, and they can’t be bothered to pay enough attention to learn how to properly spell or use tenses. I saw a paper handed in by a grade 12 student. It was atrocious. Spelling aside, the grammar was terrible. 

I pride myself in having a good vocab, to know my spelling is correct and be well read. I wish the young people would realise nobody will care what you have to say if you don’t have anything of importance to say. So come now, stop reading Twilight over and over again. (Relax Twi-hards, I have read all of them, and enjoyed it) I’m just saying that instead of reading it again and again, read something else. By another author. Try something that’s on the best-selling list. Just because you are a teen, doesn’t mean you have to read teen novels. Try something with substance. And do it earnestly.

If you do, you’d be surprised that the next time you open your mouth and have something worthwhile to say, your parents might not dismiss you and actually listen.

Any recommendations on a good read?

Much Love 

Stock Photography

So the new obsession is trying to do stock photography. Apparently, if your work is any good, you can make some good money. So I’m researching on the interwebs, but if you do have some good tips that would be helpful for me to start with, that would be awesome. I hope to be starting on Monday.

Enjoy the Friday!

Much Love