I’ve been busy

I know, I know..It’s no excuse. But I have been busy. And I am sorry.

But here’s what’s going on in my life. I have started a new job in Stellenbosch. It is so good to be back here. When I studied, I loved this place, and I have missed it ever since I left. The commute to work and back is a bit hectic, and I leave every morning at 6:40 to be here at 8:00. Granted, I do get here early, but only slightly. And I’d rather be early than stuck in traffic AND running late! If you’d like to check out where I’m working now, you can go to http://wemer.co.za/

My man’s sister is getting married in one week! I am very excited! The bachelorette party that we threw for her, was a HUGE success, and so much fun! I will upload some photos soon, I still need to work out how much internet I can use at work…nudge nudge.. I am also working my butt off with Jillian Michaels‘ 30 Day Shred. Good lord, it is intense. My knees are killing me today. There’s this move in level 2 that I absolutely despise… It’s pendulum lunges with bicep curls. And my lower back hurts. But not the muscles, oh no. It hurts like…I don’t even know how to explain! It’s the lower bones of my back, behind my hips, I guess. I’m sure it’s from doing all those crunches. I should invest in a yoga mat.

I am completely obsessed with baking right now, and I’m collecting recipes like a spinster collects cats. It’s ridiculous. I haven’t done much baking yet, but I will. I promise. Speaking of, I really want to bake something for the office, but my boss is allergic to  gluten… Any suggestions on a good gluten-free recipe that will win the hearts of my colleagues?

And then, big news, my baby sis just got engaged! It’s really weird, I remember her as this little clumsy tomboy who supplied us with endless hours of entertainment (unwittingly), and even more hours of frustration and all out screaming matches! How fast time flies. I should be careful, I am nearly on the verge of having an existential crisis at the ripe old age of 25. And I am already paranoid about my wrinkles.

Also, I want to bitch about how difficult it is to buy something online from an international website, and then to get it shipped to South Africa. The actual buying – that I can do with my eyes closed, trust me – but actually getting my purchase here, now there lies the conundrum. Like: I really wanted to buy a case of Ball’s jars, those gorgeous mason jars. But I can’t get it here. And yesterday, I wanted to buy Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Hair Mask, but the shipping is LUDICROUS! It’s almost double what the damn mask will cost me. GAH!!! It’s time I move to Europe, I think.

If only.

Anyway, I should get back to work. At least it’s Friday. OH! Wait! I haven’t even told you yet…I AM NO LONGER WORKING WEEKENDS! Halle-frickin-lujah!

Much Love, dolls.


Hello Darkness, my old friend…

Hi friends,

I have some sad news to share. Due to financial losses, and the general downfall in the photographic industry, the company who owns the shop I manage, has decided to close my shop. I am being retrenched. As soon as possible.

I am not really sad about the shop closing, this place was sucking the life and light right out of me. Much like a Dementor. It was feeding on my happiness, my positivity. I am angry however. I am angry that they waited so long to realise that we were going down. I sent through a four page proposal with ideas and suggestions on how to possibly improve the shop’s turnover. I sent that through in JULY of last year. I sent it through TWICE. I was ignored TWICE. Gah! That infuriates me. What’s even more infuriating, what gets my blood boiling, is that the labour law in my country stipulates that when retrenchment takes place, the employee (me) must be given the opportunity to offer suggestions to the employer (them) on how to possibly avoid retrenchment. I did that. Long before the R-word was put on the table. But now, to cover his ass, the big boss “wants to know my ideas”. Can you friggin believe it? The nerve. I looked him straight in the eye and told him: “All due respect, if you were going to take my suggestions seriously, you would have done so when I sent them through last year. It’s too late now. There’s nothing to be done now.” That seemed to wipe the smug, self-satisfied smile right off his face. Mumbling about how he never got them was just the cherry on top of the self-important, egotistical, self-serving douchebag. Clearly, denial is something you learn at prick-school. I was fuming. I have to pay the price for their negligence. That’s not fair. It’s a slap in my face. I tried. They failed me. And now, I have to pick up the pieces.

What’s worse is that I am scared. Shitless. I need to find a job. Quickly. I have a mortgage. I can’t afford to be unemployed. I’ll lose everything. I am so stressed. I’m emotional. Tense and teary. Frazzled and fearful. I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this mess. Is this bad karma? Is it because I am a mean girl? Because that kinda feels like overkill for punishment, don’t you think?

I went on a interview last Friday. I don’t think it went well. I didn’t get good vibes. I did look amazing though. Dress for the job you want, right?

This is a mess.

A New Disease

I have just diagnosed myself with a brand new disease: OCDFS. It’s a serious strain of the OCD disease. It is Obsessive Compulsive Desire For Shoes. And I have got it bad. Dearie, I have got it bad. Although, I must say, mine is not limited to shoes. It’s all fashion.

But today, my compulsion is aimed at boots. Oh, the boots. If you recall, I have been searching for specific boots for ages. So yesterday, I found them, and my heart nearly stopped. I already went to fit them on, but alas, I think it looks silly. The heartache! The pain! But I will go back in my lunchtime (yes dear, I am working today) and try them on AGAIN, and send a picture of me wearing them to my trusted advisor and see what she thinks.

I will keep you posted.

On a different topic, I completely went on a food debauchery yesterday and I feel terrible. (I don’t even know if a person can write like that, there are probably a million things wrong with that sentence)  Today, I will try to eat something healthy. At least, I will try. And friends, I am happy to report to those of you who don’t know, I have officially lost 20 kilo’s! Happiness!

WaywardMom is in Egypt on business! Jetsetter! I really want to travel more, but to be quite honest, I would be content staying on one place…that place though, must be Amsterdam!

Back to obsessing over Boots. Ah, boots. Also, I kinda have a lot of work to do!

Much Love